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Study Abroad:
Study Ideas for Students and Teachers
Study Abroad: Is it Right for You?

Online Degrees: Advantages and Disadvantages

Culture Shock: Adjusting to a New Environment

Online ESL Study: Preparing Before You Go?

ESL Study Programs: Picking the Ideal School

Scholarships: Do I Qualify?

TOEFL Preparation: How and Why?

Homestay: What Can I Expect?

International Health Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

Culture Shock 2: Returning Home

Teaching and Learning Ideas

This Website is designed to help students, teachers, and other visitors learn about studying abroad, but it can also be used in many ways to help you improve your English skills. Here are some teaching and learning ideas to make the most of this Website:

  • Reading: Before you start reading the article, try to predict the main ideas of the page by previewing the title.

  • Speaking: Talk about the each reading passage. If you are visiting this Website by yourself, think about the questions and write down some of your reactions and responses to each.

  • Listening: Click on the audio button next to each article and follow along as you read. Pay attention to the intonation, reduced speech, word stress, and sentence stress of the passage. The recordings have been made in RealAudio (www.real.com) and Windows Media formats. If you use the Windows Media Player, you can control the speed of the audio by changing the playback settings in the software menus (View >>> Enhancements >>> Play Speed Settings). This feature is not available in the RealPlayer.
  • Writing: After reading each article, write a response to each following different writing styles including narration, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, and argumentation. Send your writing to another student or your teacher.

  • Vocabulary: Identify new words in the articles, look up their means in an English-English dictionary, and then write your own sample sentence so you can learn how to use the words in context.
You can contact me at eslrandall(at)yahoo.com ( change at to @ ) if you have comments or questions about the site. Teachers and students are welcome to copy these pages for incidental, one-time classroom use, but cannot be copied to be included in a teaching packet or book. They also cannot be copied, modified, stored, or redistributed on other Websites, Intranets, or other servers.

Randall's articles on this site reflect his own personal perspectives and opinions, and these ideas do not constitute an endorsement for any specific organization or Website.