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Scholarships: Do I Qualify?

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This page deals with securing financial help to pay for your schooling; however, whatever your situation might be, you may consider contacting immigration lawyers for assistance in obtaining a visa. They can help you complete the process quickly without missing any important documentation.

When applying for a student visa to study in the United States, internationals students must demonstrate their ability to support themselves financially either through their own resources or by a sponsor. Unfortunately, some students have a difficult time paying for their expenses, and thus, seek scholarships to support themselves. However, such scholarships (those that come from educational institutions) for international students are usually hard to find.

One possible source of scholarship might come from a company you work for that might support you financially while you take time off your job to improve your skills. Of course, companies are sometimes willing to do this if they see your educational experience as one that will benefit their company in the long run.

You also might want to consider checking in your country for scholarships that your school or institution might provide for your studying overseas.

As a last resort, you might want to review national immigration laws and the policies of the institution where you are a student to see if you would qualify for part-time work.

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